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September 24, 2012

Blackfoot Quilter Makes A Difference with Her Handiwork

Few gifts resonate on a personal level like a beautiful, hand-sewn quilt.  The craftsmanship shows warmly in each careful stitch.  The hours of time spent on the project show in each square.

Connie Tabor certainly isn't the only quilter responsible for the many quilts given to charities by the Snake River Quilt Guild, which meets weekly in Idaho Falls.  In fact, the Idaho Falls-based guild has more than 140 members, many of whom devote their time and expertise to the charity quilts.

But it's Tabor doing the shoulder tapping and gentle prodding to keep the production cycle moving.

"My part is simply talking everybody into doing it," Tabor said.  "I'm afraid one of these days when people see me coming they are going to run the other way.  I couldn't do it without all the people who are doing all the little things."

The guild delivers quilts to charities from Idaho Falls to Pocatello, such as veterans' causes, raffle fundraisers to help cover medical expenses, and shelters such as The Haven.

Haven Director Ann Johnson said the guild has delivered nearly 100 quilts over the years.  Those quilts go a long way for the women as they try to turn their lives around.

"The quilts they give us are gorgeous," Johnson said.  "It's such a booster for the women because somebody thinks highly enough of them to donate such a nice thing.  It makes things a little less institutional when you have something that pretty."

You'd think Tabor would get sick of quilting.  After all, she runs a quilt and drapery shop called Creative Design & Services in Blackfoot.

Tabor is somewhat of a binge quilter, spending seven or eight hours straight -- once or twice a month -- as opposed to chipping away each night.

Of course, Tabor needs lots of help.  Quilts are time-intensive, and many hands make for light work.
But tabor often gets the most rewarding job: delivering the quilts.
One time sticks out in Tabor's mind.  She delivered several quilts to The Haven.  She watched Johnson hand one to a woman for her bed.

The woman cried with appreciation.

"I get the pleasure of delivering this stuff, but without the group, it wouldn't happen," Tabor said.  "They definitely deserve the credit."

Article from Post Register, Friday September 21, 2012.

Community Action Agencies were established to fight the War on Poverty in 1964. Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership, located at 935 E Lincoln Rd in Idaho Falls serves the nine eastern Idaho counties with services to help low-income individuals become independent and self-sufficient. EICAP is one of over 1,000 Community Action Agencies in the United States that provide services to every county in the nation.