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March 21, 2013

Bank of Idaho receives grant for housing project

• Lower-income families can receive help to weatherize their houses.

Families in nine eastern Idaho counties will receive assistance to weatherize their homes thanks to a $500,000 grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle.
In a partnership with Bank of Idaho, the Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership will be able to offer the weatherization program to 75 eligible households in which the homeowner earns below 60 percent of area median income.
Park Price, CEO for Bank of Idaho, said the Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership approached the bank about the weatherization program.
"This will help lower costs for people who live in (affordable housing)," Price said. "It will lower costs for gas and electricity because they will be much more weather tight."
Price said the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle, of which Bank of Idaho is a member, requires a portion of its earnings be set aside for affordable housing projects. When Bank of Idaho submitted the weatherization project, it went through a competitive process.
"We are thrilled that this project got sufficient scoring to be awarded," Price said. "When (EICAP) came to us with this project, we looked into it and thought it was worthy of doing and we were happy to support it."
According to the Community Action Partnership's website, applicants must sign up with the agency before they can get their home weatherized. They are then placed on a waiting list, which can be up to three years. An energy audit is then done on homes at the top of the list.
The weatherization program includes replacement or repair of windows, doors, roofs, plumbing and electrical.
"I'm very much in favor of this type of program because it does help those who are the most needy in our area to stay in their homes (by) reducing their costs," Price said. "I think it's a very, very good program. We're very pleased to partner with EICAP. They run a very effective operation."
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Article from Post Register, March 2013

Community Action Agencies were established to fight the War on Poverty in 1964. Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership, located at 935 E Lincoln Rd in Idaho Falls serves the nine eastern Idaho counties with services to help low-income individuals become independent and self-sufficient. EICAP is one of over 1,000 Community Action Agencies in the United States that provide services to every county in the nation.