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Types of Abuse

No group is immune to elder abuse. The problem affects all social classes and all racial, ethnic, and religious groups. Elder abuse is not a myth. It is not just a domestic squabble. It is not just a family matter. It is against the law and is happening everyday in our community.

There are four types of abuse that Adult Protection investigates:

Physical Abuse: The intentional infliction of physical pain, injury, or mental injury; such as hitting, shoving, shaking, or slapping.

Exploitation: Unjust or improper use of a vulnerable adult's financial power of attorney, funds, property or resources by another person for profit or advantage.

Neglect: Failure of a caretaker to provide appropriate food, clothing, shelter, or medical care for a person who cannot provide these things for themselves.

Self Neglect: This is a type of neglect, where an elderly or disabled person who lives alone is losing their ability to provide for their own food, shelter, or medical care, due to a physical or mental decline.

If you believe any of these things happening to a vulnerable adult, please make a report. You can remain anonymous.