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Victim Profies

Who might be a victim?

Any person who is 18 years of age or older who is:

  • Frail or suffers a chronic physical or mental impairment
  • Socially isolated
  • Dependent upon others for their basic needs
  • Unable to protect themselves in an abusive situation
  • Fearful of retaliation or ashamed to take action
  • Judgment or behavior is affected to the point the person is unable to make, communicate or implement decisions in his best interest

If you believe an adult is a victim of elder abuse, please make a report. You can remain anonymous.

Ms. Anderson is 33 and disabled. She lives with her brother who provides for her care. The brother has been cashing Ms. Anderson's disability checks for his personal use.

Ms. Anderson is a victim of Exploitation.

Mr. Brown is age 70 and has Alzheimer's disease. He is incontinent and needs constant supervision. His daughter, who cannot cope with the situation, ties her father in a chair for several hours at a time to prevent him from wandering.

Mr. Brown is a victim of Neglect and Physical Abuse.

Mrs. Hansen, age 85, lives with her son and family. When she complains about the children brothering her, the son yells at her and sometimes strikes her physically.

Mrs. Hansen is a victim of Physical Abuse.

Mrs. Johnson is 82 and blind. She lives with her son who does not have a job. Every month Mrs. Johnson runs out of money for food and medication; her bills don't always get paid.

Mrs. Johnson is a victim of Neglect.

Mr. Smith is 72 and lives alone. He is a widower of 15 years, and his best friend has recently died. Lately, his clothing is dirty and you don't see him going to church or the store.

Mr. Smith is a victim of Self Neglect.