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Parent involvement begins in the home. Here are some ways to strengthen family life and help your children be more successful in school.

Eat together as a family whenever possible.  A Readers Digest survey showed that children whose families eat together at least four times a week score higher on academic tests than students whose families eat together less often.

Play board games that build learning skills and are fun as well.  For example, Scrabble, Clue, and Monopoly improve vocabulary, concentration, math, and strategy skills.  Children need these skills for school.  Always make sure the games that are played are developmentally appropriate for the child.

Schedule a family reading time to strengthen reading skills, writing and speaking skills.  You can be in the same room or separate rooms.  Whether you read aloud or silently, it's a fact that reading improves achievement.

Limit the amount of time your children watch TV.  Encourage them to choose programs ahead of time so you can approve their selections.  Then they can plan their schedules to include both homework and TV.  Be sure and select quality programs to watch together as a family, and talk about them afterward.

Talk with your children about everything under the Sun!!  They'll appreciate the attention, and your conversations will help them develop listening and language skills.

Listen to what your children say, try to answer their questions and encourage them to share their ideas and feelings without judging their thoughts.

Set reasonable limits.  Your children will be more likely to accept limits if they have limits.

Spend an hour or two each week enjoying a family outing.  Try a nature walk or trips to the zoo, museum, or library.  Involve the family in helping in the environment by recycling materials.

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