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Early Childhood Education

EICAP Head Start makes school readiness a top priority by preparing children academically, socially and emotionally for future school success. In order to do this our program ensures that teachers:

  • Conduct two home visits and two parent teacher conferences a year to discuss child goals and development
  • Administer a developmental screener within the first 45 days to make sure children are on track developmentally and to ensure those with delays are referred for early intervention.
  • Use a scientifically based curriculum called the Investigator Club, which covers the ten domains of learning and correlates with State of Idaho and Head Start Frameworks.
  • Provide classrooms that are filled with developmentally appropriate materials and make sure that children are engaged in activities that encourage curiosity, initiative and teach autonomy for their actions.
  • Encourage families to be actively involved in all areas of the program such as volunteering, parent groups and parent meetings held once a month.
  • Consider parents as the number one teachers for their child and involve them in curriculum planning for the classroom.

It is the goal of the education staff to make sure that regardless of a child’s abilities they are prepared to move on to the public school setting upon completion of  Head Start.