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Telephone Assistance

Telephone assistance provides approximately $13.00 per month credit on a telephone bill for a 12 month timeframe. Assistance is available for eligible participants with eligible telephone service.  Only one phone is eligible per household.  When applying for Energy Assistance, all eligible households are also offered Telephone Assistance.

Eligible land line providers are Century, Custer, Fremont/Fairpoint, Mud Lake, Qwest and Silverstar.  The only cell phone company that is eligible for benefits in our service area is Syringa Wireless (Text and Talk excluded).

In order to be eligible for telephone assistance, a household must meet the following income eligibility (Effective July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017)

Family Size 3 Month Income
1 person $3,939
2 person $5,309
3 person $6,679
4 person $8,049
5 person $9,419
6 person $10,789
7 person $12,159
8 person $13,529

:Each Additional Member $1,370

For more information contact our Emergency Services Division:

  • Email
  • Visit us at our office:
    935 E Lincoln Rd
    Idaho Falls, ID  83401
  • Phone us at (208) 522-5391
  • Visit or call our Lemhi & Custer County Outreach Office
    955 Riverfront Drive
    Suite A
    Salmon, ID 83467
    (208) 756-3999