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The Weatherization program provides assistance to eligible households in the areas of energy conservation, and health and safety related repairs. Due to the guidelines of our funding sources, we are forced to adhere to strict priorities in determining which specific repairs and improvements to make on a home.

Applicants must sign up before they can get their home weatherized. After an individual qualifies for energy assistance they are automatically put on a waiting list for the weatherization program, which can be up to 3 years.

If an applicant has had a change in income, or has not re-applied for the Energy Assistance Program within the last year we will have to re-verify their income.

Once an applicant's name comes to the top of our waiting list we will conduct a comprehensive professional energy audit of their home. Based upon the results and available funds, we will install the weatherization measures that have been determined to be the most cost-effective in reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort.

The timeline for weatherization is about 4 months from the time the audit is completed (120 days) depending on the weatherization measures that are to be performed on a home.

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