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Client Stories

Why Should I Share My Story?

Sharing your personal story will:

  • Provide hope and encouragement to those currently working to achieve a better life
  • Inspire people to help others
  • Increase awareness of the struggles of the working poor
  • Encourage people to become active participants in reducing poverty in our region
  • Motivate business and political leaders to promote living wages in their businesses and communities.

Beginning in the spring of 2008, EICAP has awarded the Changing Life Award to one participant.  The following are the past winners and their stories:

We are working on collecting more client stories.  If you would like to share your story, please call us at 208-522-5391 or email .

You may help by sharing your story. You may share your experiences when receiving help and support from the staff and programs at EICAP that made a difference in your life or for your family members. You may include your successes, worries and frustrations.

You may share your story by telling how...

  • EICAP gave you Energy Assistance and helped you pay your heating bill.
  • The Haven Shelter gave you a place for you and your children a place to live until you got back on your feet and were able to afford a home of your own.
  • The Housing Programs helped you find an affordable place to live or helped you realize your dream of .
  • Head Start made a difference in your child's life and made sure that everyone in your family had enough to eat.
  • Any other of EICAP's many programs helped you or touched your life.

For more information about sharing your story you can call us at 208-522-5391 and we will gladly answer your questions and/or mail information to you. You can also send your story by email to .