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Idaho Falls, ID 83401
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T: 1-800-632-4813
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COVID Update

A COVID-19 update from EICAP

Customers and Community Partners:

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us.
At EICAP, we are committed to creating lasting, positive impact for our customers, employees, and our communities. Right now, we think that means we need to take some steps for the greater good.

For the near term, many of our employees will begin to work remotely, and our offices will be thinly staffed to achieve the goal of  “social distancing.”

We strongly encourage alternatives to in-person meetings, especially for more vulnerable persons. During this time we strive to provide excellent customer service without regard to physical location. Customers needing in person assistance, please call us directly at 208-522-5391 to set up an appointment.

We all know this situation remains fluid and you can expect continued communication from us as circumstances warrant. Please visit our website at www.eicap.org or our Facebook page for additional information.

Thank you for your confidence and trust in EICAP. We wish good health to you and those you care about.