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Caregiver Support

EICAP provides and contracts caregiver support services provided to family caregivers of older individuals. These services are provided at the direction of the individual (or a family member of the individual). Case managers help to assess the needs of the person and to arrange, coordinate, and monitor an optimum package of services to meet those needs.

The caregiver support services available through our Case Management are:

  • Caregiver Support Group - Our caregiver support program provides support, information, and resources for individuals that are caring for a loved one, parents or spouses. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.
  • Respite (relief for caregivers in the home) - Respite services provide the gift of time to individuals taking care of family members at home by providing companionship and supervision to homebound adults. This preventative program also enables the caregiver to remain healthy as well as permits the homebound person to remain at the home.

In addition to services for caregivers, we also provide assistance to older individuals through our In-Home Services.

To access these services, each potential client must receive an initial screening by Information and Assistance department. For more information about qualifications for in-home services, please call 522-5391 or email .

The purpose of this screening is to determine whether an older person needs a referral, assistance and client advocacy, or is a potential case management client who should receive a home visit and comprehensive assessment.

Should you become a case management client, our case manager's activities include, but are not limited to: assessment of the individual; development and implemenation of a service plan consisting of both formal and informal resources and services; coordination and monitoring of service delivery; and periodic reassessment.

Online Workshop

Register for a free workshop by going online to The workshop was developed by Stanford University specially for caregivers of persons with dementia. The workshop has been tested with caregivers and is highly effective. Caregivers and other family members can learn more about the workshop and register for the next available workshop by going online.